April 15, 2024
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Finance for Interiors, Furniture and Fitout

Key take away points:

  • Finance for furniture and fitout explained
  • Why finance interiors?
  • Examples of commonly financed assets
  • Benefits of financing.
  • Contact our team to discuss finance for your interiors project.

From offices and retail premises to restaurants, hotels, gyms, warehouses, and beyond, we have helped thousands of UK businesses to finance their fitout, expansion, and refurbishment projects.

Whether you are moving to new premises, remodelling your existing space or opening up new sites, the costs of doing so can be considerable.

Having an alternative to paying in full at the start of your project could transform how you think about your plans, your budgets and what you can achieve. This guide is intended for those considering a finance option as the overwhelming majority of new clients introduced to us have no experience of financing interior fit out projects.

Our approach is always bespoke, so while this article will give you an overview of our service, please do get in touch to discuss your project and financing options with our experienced team.

Why finance interiors projects?

Increasingly, when it comes to financing interior projects, organisations are opting for asset finance instead of utilising capital. This approach not only enables the spreading of costs over a period of time, but also offers the potential for unlocking significant tax advantages.

It’s often overlooked how extensive asset financing can be. In addition to furniture and elements of the interior fitout, finance can incorporate a wide range of assets including:

  • Furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Warehouse racking and mezzanine floors
  • IT hardware and software
  • Plant and machinery
  • Security systems
  • Catering and refrigeration equipment
  • Installation and labour costs.

Recognising that most equipment depreciates from the very beginning and only increases in value over time is crucial for some organisations, while others prioritise retaining capital for other investments.

Strategically adopting asset finance can revolutionise the way procurement is approached in general. There’s no longer a need to prolong the lifespan of assets or worry about sudden cash flow demands when it’s time for renewal. By paying a fixed monthly amount, businesses can have complete control over the work specifications they desire now and in the future, making it a sensible choice.

One of the major advantages of asset financing is the assurance it provides regarding the lifecycle and redundancy of assets. You can rest assured knowing that these factors will no longer pose issues for your organisation.

Below are some of the key potential benefits available when financing an interiors project over paying with cash.

Benefits of financing interiors

Tax Efficient

For private sector organisations, leasing provides a highly attractive, fully 100% tax deductible solution. Those that are subject to higher tax rates have even more to save.

Retain Capital

Locking capital away in depreciating assets is no longer necessary. Free up the cash to be deployed elsewhere, working harder for your organisation and delivering true returns.

Costs Match Return

Leasing allows you to match your costs in line with the return on your investment, unlike capital where all costs are paid upfront and in full.

Make Budgets Work

Make investment decisions based on your needs and not limited by constrained budgets which might otherwise restrict what you can achieve.

Reduce Risk

Become less reliant on your primary funder(s) and spread your risk. Your existing credit lines remain unaffected and you unlock access to a large panel of specialist asset funders.

Fixed Costs

Your payments are manageable, low and fixed for the duration of the agreement so no hidden surprises or exposure should interest rates rise in the future.

Strategic Solution

Strategically, leasing provides you with a mechanism to manage the lifecycle of your assets, across your whole estate, avoiding large capital investments.

Spread VAT

Rather than pay the VAT in full upfront as you would with traditional capital expenditure, the VAT is paid on each repayment (excluding Hire/Lease Purchase agreements.)

Total Project Funding

Expertise to make sure that all of your costs, including fees, labour and delivery charges can be included in your facility.

What can be financed?

There isn't a definitive list as to what types of assets can or cannot be financed as part of a fitout project, but common examples include: 

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Kitchens
  • Reception areas
  • HVAC systems
  • Security systems
  • IT hardware and software
  • Renewable technology.

Take a look at our case studies to view furniture and fitout projects we have financed recently.

Planning an interiors project? Get in touch

Bluestone provides flexible, tax efficient, and affordable finance that enables UK organisations to spread the cost of commercial fitout projects. Contact our team today to discuss your project with us and explore your finance options.


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