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What is the Bluestone Portal?

Worried about the time and hassle involved in applying for finance? 

Well, thanks to the Bluestone portal, securing the finance that you need to move forward does not need to be a complex or lengthy process. Using the Bluestone portal you can apply for finance - for your organisation or for your customers - and check the progress of your applications wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Whether you are looking for an instant (no-obligation) quote or you want to submit a finance application, our innovative online system makes the task simple and quick.

Your dashboard

No more searching through endless emails or drowning in paperwork - the Bluestone portal acts as your online hub for your finance applications.

From a high-level summary of all your current and past finance applications to the ability to drill down into the detail of individual finance agreements and make changes where needed, you have full visibility and greater control.

You can also upload and sign documents electronically via the portal making the process simpler and more secure.

Of course, if you do have a question, your dedicated account manager is just a click away.

Ready to apply for finance?

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Click here to get help with the Bluestone portal.

The Toolkit portal dashboard quotes section - A screenshot displaying the quotes section of the portal's dashboard.

Instant quotes,
quick decisions

When making important cashflow decisions or investing in growth for your organisation you don't have time to waste, and we don't think you should have to.

The Bluestone portal can return instant quotes and in some cases finance applications will be automatically approved. Plus, you can track the progress of your applications from start to finish as the progress wheel moves through the stages of your application. 

1.      Receiving instant finance quotes
2.     Submitting finance application to funder
3.     Underwriting process
4.     Decision confirmed
5.     Uploading and signing documents
6.     Completion (pay-out authorised).
Let's get started

Using the Bluestone portal

Our Bluestone portal help page has answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Note: For many of our clients the finance application process can be completed entirely online via the Bluestone portal, but there may be cases where we require further information from you to move forward with your application, e.g., because of the type of finance product you have applied for.
In that instance your dedicated account manager will be in touch directly to explain the process and ensure your application proceeds as quickly as possible.

Ready to apply for finance?

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Bluestone Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?

Your username will be the email address provided, usually a business email address. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the forgotten password link.

If you have any further problems, please contact Bluestone, or your dedicated Account manager.


Why can’t I view other applications that my colleagues have submitted?

To be able to view your colleagues’ applications you will require specific permissions set by Bluestone. Please contact your dedicated account manage to enquire.


If the equipment changes once the Finance documents have been issued, am I able to amend it?

Once finance documents have been raised and issued, you would be required to contact Bluestone’s dedicated support managers who can assist with any required amendments.


Can I create different quote variations for my organisation?

Yes, you could create various quotes. Please see the dedicated help video and guides here.


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We know finance can be complex and often it's easier to talk things through. Drop us a message or give us a call 0330 135 8660 and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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