May 16, 2024
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Finance for IT as a Service (ITAAS)

Key take away points:

  • Why finance IT as a service (ITAAS)?
  • Benefits of financing ITAAS
  • Why finance ITAAS with Bluestone
  • Contact us for a no-obligation finance quote.

Your business needs access to an innovative, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure. The technology, devices, and software that you use will impact the efficiency of your operation, the quality of service you provide, and the working environment for your team.

But how do you ensure you have access to the IT equipment and support services that you need, without using up large amounts of capital?

Our affordable finance solutions enable you to spread the cost of IT as a service (ITAAS), whether you are looking for technology as a service (TAAS), device as a service (DAAS) or infrastructure as a service (IAAS).

Why finance IT as a service?

Taking capital from your business may not be the best use of your funds when investing in your IT equipment and services. After all, technology is improving all the time, and your business requirements are evolving, so it’s often not sensible to sink capital into equipment that will be obsolete in a matter of months.

Instead, to ensure they have the IT they need while keeping working capital in the bank, many businesses choose to finance IT as a service. This means financing, leasing, or renting the latest IT equipment, devices, and software for an affordable, regular payment.

Looking to finance IT equipment and/or services for your company? Contact us today for a no-obligation finance quote.

Benefits of financing IT as a service

Spreading the cost of IT investment over time via fixed, affordable payments, instead of purchasing it with cash up front, can bring several benefits.  

Overcome budget constraints

The quality and volume of the IT equipment that you can afford can increase significantly when you are not restricted by short-term budget constraints. For a fixed, regular, and affordable payment, you get the equipment your business needs without breaking the bank.

Boost cashflow and budget management

Keeping cash in the bank and manage your budget with greater ease thanks to fixed, affordable payments, gives you financial breathing space and ensures you have capital available to cover unforeseen costs or investment opportunities.

Unlock tax advantages

Unlike cash, finance can unlock 100% tax relief on both capital expenditure and the interest which can offer notable tax advantages.

Why finance with Bluestone

Bespoke payment structures

Where required we can structure a payment schedule that suits your organisation, e.g., setting repayments to coincide with seasonal fluctuations in income.

Access competitive quotes from multiple lenders

We have established relationships with a wide panel of lenders which enables us to search the market to find the right solution for your business efficiently.

Hassle-free end-of-lease options

When your lease comes to an end, you might choose to return the hardware at the end of the term, but if the equipment is still useful to your organisation, you can retain it by continuing to make your regular payments.

In the case of a Residual Value (RV) lease, the lender predicts how much the equipment will be worth at the end of the lease term (when it will be returned to them) and deducts this amount from the finance agreement. This reduces the lender’s financial risk and lowers your repayments, making it a cheaper option than purchasing the equipment with cash. At the end of the agreement, you simply return the equipment to the lender with the option of starting a new lease on new equipment.

Transparent and ethical approach

As an independent finance broker, we are not tied to any funder or investor, which means we can provide unbiased cost comparison and provide multiple options to suit your needs.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and consultative service

We have been arranging finance for businesses for over 27 years and understand that your finance needs to be as unique as your organisation. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your goals and challenges to ensure your finance agreement supports your growth.  

Contact our team today to discuss your IT requirements and explore your finance options.


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