May 29, 2024
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InnoVent: Enhancing Education with Sustainable, Cost-Effective Technology

Key take away points:

This guest blog by our partner, InnoVent, outlines the potential benefits for schools embracing a cost-effective and sustainable approach to their technology infrastructure through a subscription model using refurbished equipment, including: 

  • Cost savings
  • Improved cashflow
  • Regular technology refreshes
  • Meeting sustainability goals
  • Compliance with upcoming regulation
  • Superior quality and warranty

Schools' constant search for ways to improve their infrastructure while managing tight budgets is the driving force behind Bluestone's latest partnership with InnoVent. Together, we are delivering a refurbished solution tailored specifically for the education sector.

This innovative solution is not only cost-effective but also promotes sustainability, aligns with upcoming public sector requirements, and ensures that students and educators have access to high-quality, up to date technology.


Maximising Cost Savings for Schools

One of the benefits we are most excited about in our new partnership is the significant cost savings for schools. Traditional purchasing methods often strain educational budgets, forcing schools to opt for cheaper, less durable equipment.

However, InnoVent’s range of refurbished devices, called 2ndLife IT, offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. We are able to provide top-tier, corporate-grade devices at a fraction of the cost. This means schools can access better quality technology within their existing budget constraints, ensuring a longer lifespan and enhanced performance.


Improved Cash Flow through a Subscription Approach

Through a subscription model, schools can spread the cost of equipment over the school year. Schools can match rentals to their financial cycles, paying in manageable quarterly rentals rather than a large upfront payment.

This approach not only alleviates immediate budget constraints but also provides a predictable financial outlay, aiding in better budget planning and cash flow management.


Embracing a Refresh Discipline

Technology evolves rapidly, and staying current is crucial for both teaching and learning. Our subscription model facilitates a disciplined refresh strategy, ensuring that schools do not end up with obsolete equipment.

At the end of their subscription period (usually three years), which can be scheduled for their summer break, we offer a seamless refresh process where outdated devices are returned and replaced with newer models.

This ensures that students and teachers always have access to the latest technology, enhancing the learning experience and maintaining compatibility with new software and applications, such as the upcoming mandatory shift from Windows 10 to Windows 11 by 2025.

Laptop screen and keyboard


Aligning with Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is a key concern for today’s students and their families. By choosing refurbished equipment, schools contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Refurbished devices extend the useful life of technology, reducing the demand for new products and thereby lowering CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing. Additionally, this approach minimises electronic waste and conserves precious minerals, supporting a more sustainable future.


Compliance with Upcoming Regulations

The public sector is moving towards sustainability, with new regulations requiring at least 30% of equipment to be refurbished by 2025.

2nd Life IT refurbished devices not only meet but exceed these regulatory requirements, offering schools a head start incompliance while benefiting from high-quality technology. This proactive approach positions schools as leaders in sustainability, setting a positive example for students and the community.


Superior Quality and Warranty

Unlike low-cost, low-durability devices often purchased for the Education Sector, 2nd Life IT equipment comes with a robust three-year warranty.

This ensures reliability and reduces the total cost of ownership, as schools will not need to frequently spend on faulty units. The warranty covers the duration of the subscription and is structured as a Collect, Repair, or Replace type of warranty, supporting uninterrupted teaching and learning.

The partnership between Bluestone and InnoVent is set to transform the education sector. InnoVent offer sustainable, affordable, and top-quality technology solutions.

Our refurbished devices save costs, manage cash flow better, and ensure schools stay up to date. They also meet regulations and sustainability targets. With our subscription service, schools provide their students with top-notch technology while being eco-friendly.


Ready to revolutionise your school's technology infrastructure? Contact us today to learn more about how financing your technology can benefit your institution and shape a smarter, greener future for education.


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