January 15, 2024

Announcing a New Chapter for Bluestone

Key take away points:

  • On Monday 15th January 2024 we launched our most significant rebrand in over 27 years including...
  • Our new website
  • Our new, innovative, end-to-end finance platform: The Bluestone Portal
  • All-new branding

Here we explain the changes we’ve made, why we’ve made them, and how they will enhance the services and support we offer to UK businesses and organisations.  


"The rebrand – which has been years in the planning and months in the making – reflects that for some time Bluestone has been much more than a pure asset finance broker. We provide a platform for the continued development and growth of UK businesses through a range of different and often bespoke finance solutions. Our fantastic team have embraced and driven the rebrand and the exciting developments which accompany it, demonstrating the passion we all have for what we do."
Phillip Bennett, CEO of Bluestone


The first change you’ll notice is that we’ve had a makeover in almost every way, from the name of our company to the logo, colours, and fonts that we use in our branding. We hope you love our new look as much as we do (there’s more information about this at the end of this article), but that’s not all that is new.

Our new name

The rebrand has been driven by the company’s significant evolution since it was formed in 1996. Originally the company had fewer than 10 members of staff and primarily arranged asset finance for businesses looking to invest in technology; today we are a team of 50 providing a range of commercial finance solutions (including asset finance, cashflow loans, tax loans, vehicle leasing, commercial mortgages, and invoice finance) for organisations all over the UK.

We have been trading as Bluestone Leasing since 2006 (and as Wyse Leasing before that), but we have felt for some time that the name did not accurately represent us. To reflect the breadth of services we offer UK organisations, from today, we will now simply be known as Bluestone.


“In the beginning there was a phone and a lot of searching through Yellow Pages (not sure how many people still remember those) as leasing was not widely used, especially in the technology sector. Over the years the business has developed into a mature, well established, and respected finance company, and for a while now we have been offering much more than just leasing.
“This rebrand is the most significant in that for the first time ever we are not including “leasing” in our name. This marks a significant step in the business’ evolution and believe it will be a defining moment when we look back on it in future years.”
Vineesh Madaan, Bluestone’s Managing Director


Take a look at our launch video below to learn more about the purpose behind our rebrand project and vision for the future.

Our new website

If you’re reading this, then you’ve landed on our brand new website on our new domain: This website has been designed to help UK businesses and their customers understand how commercial finance could help them to grow and succeed.

This website is where you will find plenty of simple and informative resources and guides to help you make smarter financial choices for your organisation.

In addition, while commercial finance is our area of expertise, people are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’ve also included plenty of information about us as a company, our company mission and values, and the fantastic team of people behind our brand.


Our new Bluestone portal

Perhaps most exciting of all, this rebrand brings with it the launch of our new Bluestone portal, an innovative, end-to-end online platform that enables users to: 

·        Access quick, affordable, and competitive finance quotes

·        Submit applications for their organisation or their customers

·        Track applications from start to finish in your dashboard

…whenever they need to and wherever they are.

It has been designed to make commercial finance and all its potential benefits more accessible for UK businesses and to improve the efficiency of our service for existing customers and partners.

Key features of the Bluestone portal

  • By interfacing with Companies House and third-party credit scoring data, the Bluestone portal provides instant and accurate finance quotations that reflect the credit score of the applicant.  
  • Using harvested data and innovative automated technology, the portal then enables the user to submit their finance application to funders, streamlining the underwriting and decision-making process; in some cases, this can deliver instant acceptances.
  • Next, the Bluestone portal verifies the customer’s identity – as well as the assets and suppliers involved – and conducts anti-money laundering checks.  
  • Customers can upload, generate, and download all relevant documentation, so they can move from getting a quote to E-signing documents and requesting payment within as little as an hour.  
  • Finally, a member of Bluestone’s compliance team reviews all the details and conduct some final checks before releasing the funds.  
“We believe the Bluestone portal provides the most automated application process for commercial clients in the broker-market. The Bluestone portal is an intuitive online platform that enables organisations of every size, in every sector, to access quick, competitive, and affordable finance. Whether applying for their own organisation or their customer, all it takes is a few clicks to get an indicative quote. They can then apply, upload documents, and track an application’s progress directly from their portal dashboard.
“Bluestone remains one of the few truly independent commercial finance brokerages in the UK, enabling us to not only provide impartial advice and bespoke finance solutions, but also to invest in innovation that will benefit our customers and partners. The Bluestone portal is the culmination of months of development aimed at giving UK businesses the tools they need to access affordable and effective finance that brings stability and drives growth."
Richard Tamlyn, Bluestone’s Head of Sales & Marketing


Click here to sign up to the Bluestone Portal to get quick finance quotes today.


Our new branding

Adopting a new logo and branding has been a considered and complicated process. After more than 27 years of providing a wide range of finance solutions for just about every type of organisation, it was time our brand reflected the changes we have been through in that time. Drawing on the expertise and experience of creative design agency, Baker Wilcox, we are thrilled with the results.

“We researched and discussed several avenues of thought regarding the direction of the new icon. But soon firmly landed on the ‘diamond/gem’ nuance of a ‘stone’. We strongly felt that this was a positive and meaningful foundation for an icon that would lead the brand as a whole. Diamonds are a sought-after gemstone, one of nature’s hardest materials, associated with wealth, clarity, strength, purity.
“The choice to have blue in the brand palette felt like an important starting point, given the company name. However, to keep it from feeling too predictable, we proposed including the super-vibrant green as an enticing accent to be used across the brand. Green can represent new beginnings and growth, while also signifying wealth and stability. While a foundation of blue promotes strength and reliability. From our consultations with Bluestone, we felt this was exactly the sort of message that they were trying to achieve and promote with their rebrand.
“The marriage of these two elements, results in a logo and brand identity that Bluestone and we are incredibly excited about. Working collaboratively with Bluestone in creating a stunning new identity has been an absolute pleasure. It is always an exciting time when new branding is launched, and we can’t wait to see what their customers think of the results.”
Kelly Wilcox, Baker Wilcox


Looking to the future

While we are excited to embark upon this next chapter with all these changes, it’s also important to acknowledge what isn’t changing about Bluestone.

We are still an independent, award-winning team of finance professionals with more than 27 years of industry expertise and experience behind us.

We take pride in our ethical and consultative approach when securing finance to unlock your organisation's potential, whether you're a sole trader, running an SME or seeking finance for a multinational corporation.

We are people-focused, consultative team of commercial finance specialists, committed to helping UK organisations and, by extension, the UK economy to thrive even in the most challenging periods.

We still offer a range of bespoke finance solutions from asset finance and tax loans to cashflow solutions, vehicle finance and property finance.

We make things simple, move quickly, offer exceptional value, and make funding happen where others can't.

The Bluestone Mission


With Bluestone at their sides, people realise long held ambitions. They build businesses and organisations that make a difference. Whether they provide services or create products that solve problems, they help others.  
When an organisation grows through our finance solutions, the people at its heart can support their families, raise their children, make memories with friends, travel the world, improve their communities, and support causes close to their hearts.  
Bluestone is committed to remaining an independently owned company so that we can continue to put people above profit in this way, channelling decades of experience, expertise, and effort into the success of the people and organisations we meet.  
We will do this in an environment that is professional, supportive, friendly, and respectful, in ways that are stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. We understand that without the unique talents, skills, and personalities of every Bluestone team member, we are nothing.
Yes, we're a commercial finance brokerage, but, really, what we do is about people.


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