November 1, 2023
3 mins

Top 5 Reasons to Lease a Car for Consumers and Businesses

Key take away points:

  • Car leasing eliminates the significant initial cost of getting a new vehicle.
  • Leasing a car provides peace of mind with warranties and maintenance packages included in most lease agreements.
  • Car leasing allows you to drive a new vehicle every few years.
  • Lease payments are often tax-deductible, helping lower tax liability and optimise financial resources.

For many consumers and businesses, car leasing is a well-considered decision backed by five key advantages:

Lower monthly payments

Car leasing presents a compelling argument for budget-conscious individuals and cost-effective businesses alike. Instead of paying for the full cost of the vehicle, you pay for its depreciation over the lease period. This translates to significantly lower monthly payments compared to traditional car buying, making it an attractive choice for both consumers and businesses. At Bluestone, we offer competitive leasing rates, ensuring financial stability while you ride in style.

Minimal down payment

The initial cost of getting behind the wheel can be a significant hurdle, especially for consumers looking to conserve their cash or for businesses seeking to allocate funds strategically. Car leasing solves this problem by requiring minimal down payments, and in some cases, none at all. This means your money remains in your bank account, ready to be utilised where it's needed most. Bluestone simplifies the process, ensuring you can start your car lease without any financial setbacks, whether you're an individual or a business.

Warranty and maintenance benefits

When you lease a car, you're not just securing a vehicle; you're locking in peace of mind. Most lease agreements come with warranties and maintenance packages which means that the financial burden of unexpected repairs and servicing is not your concern, whether you're an individual or a business. It's an assurance that your car remains in top condition throughout the lease period. Bluestone goes the extra mile by including maintenance services, giving you added confidence in your leasing choice.

Enjoying the latest models

For those who crave the excitement of driving the latest cars with cutting-edge features, car leasing can be a logical choice, whether you're a consumer or a business. Leasing enables you to drive a new vehicle every few years, ensuring you're always on the cutting edge of automotive technology and design. The benefits are clear, you get to enjoy more features, improved fuel efficiency, and the thrill of a fresh driving experience. With the help of Bluestone, you'll have the opportunity to acquire vehicles that keep you, your employees, or your fleet in the driver's seat of the newest and most exciting cars.

Tax advantages

For businesses, car leasing offers distinct tax advantages that can lead to significant savings. Lease payments are often tax-deductible, meaning you can lower your tax liability and maximise your financial resources. This makes car leasing an attractive option for businesses looking to optimise their expenses and improve their bottom line. Bluestone is here to guide you through the intricacies of these tax-related benefits. We understand that businesses have unique financial considerations, and our solutions are tailored to ensure you make the most of your car leasing experience, making it an attractive option for consumers and businesses alike.

The decision to lease a car is rooted in practicality and financial sense, whether you're an individual or a business. It translates to lower monthly payments, minimal down payments, peace of mind with warranty and maintenance coverage, the joy of driving the latest models, and tax advantages for businesses. If you're ready to make your decision, get in touch with us today.

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