April 12, 2024
3 mins

Make It Wild Partner with Bluestone to Offset 150 tonnes of CO2e

Key take away points:

  • Our partnership and contribution.
  • The impact of trees.
  • A little about Make it Wild.

We are delighted to be working with Make It Wild to support our sustainability goals and have recently offset 150 tonnes of CO2e by allocating 41 recently planted trees in Make it Wild’s Bank Woods Reserve in North Yorkshire, contributing to woodland creation. These trees will absorb carbon, produce oxygen, and support insects, birds, and small mammals, and will do so for decades to come.

Make It Wild are delighted to be able to partner with Bluestone, to support their sustainability goals. Their contribution towards our nature restoration work will make a tangible difference to the biodiversity in the vicinity of our projects. It will also help more generally, to spread the important message of the increased need for wildlife conservation here in the UK.” Lesley Coleman, Projects Manager, Make it Wild.

The Impact of Trees

Woodland creation is a great way to encourage a huge increase in biodiversity.

  • From the moment the trees are planted, the lack of mowing or grazing mean that the grass between the trees can grow.
  • This leads to an increase in mice and voles, which provides plenty of sustenance for barn owls and other birds of prey.
  • As the trees grow, they cause local shade and cooling – even on a small scale, this creates a variety of microclimates which support different wildlife.
  • Once there are fruits on the trees, they become food for birds, small mammals, and insects.
  • When the trees drop their leaves, they contribute to soil improvement via decomposition by microscopic creatures –this is the carbon-rich basis for healthy soil.
  • Beneath the soil, tree roots interact with fungal networks which become a highly complex but vital communication system. Trees effectively become ‘social’ with the aid of these messengers and transport links.
  • Trees also provide shelter and a wind break, filter and clean fresh water, reduce flooding and their roots stabilise soils, preventing erosion.

A Little Bit About Make it Wild

Make it Wild started their project to encourage a greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world, whilst encouraging people to share in the beauty of the wild spaces they are creating. Their mission statement: ‘It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose.

They decided that instead of worrying about the impact that humans are having on our earth, they wanted to do their bit to change it. They began offering tree and other dedications and nature connected activities – all funds generated are re-invested in their nature reserve projects.

With the help of many, they have planted thousands of trees(their 60,000th in March in 2023), dug ponds, restored wildflower hay meadows, protected ancient woodland and created many different habitats across their nine sites.

Further information about Make it Wild can be found here.


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