June 12, 2024
5 mins

Siemens Financial Services, Investec Asset Finance & Quantum Funding APIs Integrate with Bluestone Portal

Key take away points:

  • Bluestone portal integrates with Siemens Financial Services (SFS), Investec Asset Finance (IAF), and Quantum Funding.
  • Automated systems and data transfer delivers faster decisioning for finance applications
  • Integration with multiple lender APIs delivers higher acceptance rates
  • Sign up to the Bluestone Portal for quick finance quotes and online applications

Our end-to-end online platform, the Bluestone Portal, has now integrated APIs (application processing interfaces) from three leading commercial lenders: Siemens Financial Services (SFS), Investec Asset Finance (IAF), and Quantum Funding.

The Bluestone Portal was originally launched in January 2024 providing a unique and innovative online tool that any UK business can use to generate finance quotes and/or submit applications.

“Bluestone has been supporting UK businesses with commercial finance since 1997. We are proud to have developed to be much more consultative, examining our clients’ requirements and coming up with creative financing solutions and structures to truly fit their needs. Other portals in the market were rather simple and basic in their functionality, and none are utilising the levels of technology that the Bluestone Portal does. We wanted to do something different – and better! It had to be more powerful but very simple for the customer to use. The result is the Bluestone Portal.”
Vineesh Madaan, Managing Director at Bluestone

By collaborating with SFS, IAF and Quantum Funding, we can now deliver a more efficient and effective tool for our clients. Using an API developed by Bluestone the platform allows quick quotes to be drawn up and finance applications to be decisioned within minutes, all from within Bluestone’s native operational systems. 

The result is an end-to-end finance platform for UK businesses and their customers. It enables UK businesses and organisations to get finance quotes for themselves or their customers, submit applications, obtain decisions, eSign documentation, and track the progress of those applications through to completion, whenever and wherever they need to.    

Sign up today to the Bluestone Portal to get quick finance quotes for your organisation or customers, or click here to learn more about how the portal works.

“In parallel with the development of the Bluestone portal, we got in touch with SFS, IAF and Quantum, and they are now the first funders in our portal. The integration means that funding applications run straight out of our system with no complication. The links and data flows are all automated.Since we launched the platform, the throughput has been smooth both for us and for our funders. Acceptance rates for applications are almost ten times as good as we had initially expected. It’s been revolutionary for our business.
Mark Hargreaves, Finance Director at Bluestone

What does the Bluestone Portal do?

The Bluestone portal has been designed to make commercial finance and all its potential benefits more accessible for UK businesses and to improve the efficiency of our service for existing customers and partners. This innovative, end-to-end online platform that enables UK businesses to: 

  • Access quick, affordable, and competitive finance quotes for their organisation or their customers
  • Submit applications for their organisation or their customers
  • Track applications from start to finish via their dashboard

…whenever they need to and wherever they are.

How does the Bluestone Portal work?

  • By interfacing with Companies House and third-party credit scoring data, the Bluestone portal provides instant and accurate finance quotations that reflect the credit score of the applicant.  
  • Using harvested data and innovative automated technology, the portal then enables the user to submit their finance application to funders, streamlining the underwriting and decision-making process; in some cases, this can deliver instant acceptances.
  • Next, the Bluestone portal verifies the customer’s identity – as well as the assets and suppliers involved – and conducts anti-money laundering checks.  
  • Customers can upload, generate, and download all relevant documentation, so they can move from getting a quote to E-signing documents and requesting payment within as little as an hour.  
  • Finally, a member of Bluestone’s compliance team reviews all the details and conduct some final checks before releasing the funds.  

The Bluestone portal provides the most automated application process for commercial clients in the broker-market; it gives confidence to funders that the necessary checks and due diligence are being actioned on every transaction, whilst providing instant access to finance from any device for UK companies. 

The innovative systems, automation and algorithms ensure that applications are directed to lenders that have an appetite for the credit requirements of the client in line with the FCA’s Consumer Duty and treating customers fairly. The portal also relieves Bluestone staff of the need to manually process many types of transaction, streamlining the customer journey, and leaving more time to concentrate on more complex applications.

The automated funder APIs went live in January 2024 with SFS and in May 2024 with IAF and Quantum Funding, but the Bluestone Portal itself was launched in January 2024 as part of the company’s biggest rebrand in 27 years.

“We're thrilled that Bluestone chose SFS to pioneer the first API connection into their groundbreaking new portal. From the outset, Bluestone had a clear vision of revolutionising the industry landscape by creating a portal that not only disrupts the status quo but also enhances the entire customer journey from proposal to payout. Throughout the project, Bluestone has remained committed to putting the customer first, crafting a system that empowers them by keeping the customer & supplier in control over the quoting and initial credit application stages of the process. It has been a pleasure to support Bluestone to deliver this initiative." Rob White, Siemens Financial Services

“We have worked with Bluestone for many years and were privileged to be one of the first funders approached to collaborate with them on the introduction of their new Bluestone Portal. Having foresight to incorporate not only internal funder APIs, but the ability to allow suppliers and partners the access to vital information when sourcing finance for their customers in real time is very well considered. Combining our digital journeys will provide efficiencies to both broker and funder which, without a doubt, will benefit the customer experience too. We look forward to working together on the next development phases of the portal – a huge well done!”  Stuart Hughes, Head of Brokers, Investec Asset Finance

Sign up today to the Bluestone Portal to get quick finance quotes for your organisation or customers, or click here to learn more about how the portal works.


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