Finance for Packaging Machines: KB Packaging Solutions

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Finance For Packaging Machines: KB Packaging Solutions

New machines for KB Packaging



KB Packaging is a family-owned specialist supplier of innovative and quality packaging products, equipment and bespoke packaging solutions to businesses across the UK. Based in the East Midlands, they support manufacturing businesses, distributors, retailers and e-commerce vendors with a complete range of boxes, protective and postal packaging, tape, strapping, wrap, bags, film and dedicated packaging equipment.

Their Requirements

KB Packaging needed to update and install new packaging machines in their warehouse to ensure that they could expand their operations whilst maintaining the high levels of customer service and quality products that they pride themselves on. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to retain cashflow within the business for other areas whilst investing in the machinery upgrades.

The Solution

The business was able to utilise a bespoke finance solution that allowed them to benefit from tax efficiency and ease their cashflow. There were several moving parts to this transaction, with two suppliers (one UK based and one Germany based) combining their respective machines to produce one packing line.

Utilising Bluestone’s expertise in complex deals meant that a project involving several staged payments and foreign exchange rates transacted smoothly and ahead of schedule.

"Working with Bluestone is great - it takes the headache out of transactions and makes it easy for the customer (a key business principle for any company.) Having asked a few different brokers about this deal, Bluestone were the only ones who persisted in securing the funds for us successfully. Our business structure is not easy to understand and most other brokers ran away! The machines are now installed and in the process of being commissioned with a view to full production commencing around three months ahead of the official contract supply start date. Thank you for all you help on this. Exceptional product knowledge and customer service."

Steve Birch, Operations and Procurement

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