Finance for Refrigeration Equipment: Paul Rhodes Bakery

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Finance for Refrigeration Equipment: Paul Rhodes Bakery

Finance for Refrigeration Equipment: Paul Rhodes Bakery



Founded in 2003 by former Michelin-starred chef Paul Rhodes, Paul Rhodes Bakery is one of the leading independent bakeries in London, specialising in handcrafted breads and pastries, all made using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. Their products are sold through a wide network of stores and outlets, in addition to their own store in Greenwich.


Due to increasing customer demand, the bakery had scaled up production by taking on new adjacent premises and as part of this development a new specialist refrigeration unit was required that would increase their capacity to store dough as it undergoes its long fermentation.


Originally introduced through an IT partner, the bakery’s Finance and Operations Director, Craig Waldron, knew that Bluestone could help fund the purchase of the refrigeration unit. Bluestone secured them an affordable finance lease that enabled them to acquire the equipment they needed to support their growth without putting a hole in their cash reserves.

“Alex and Bluestone worked with us all the way through to find the right solution for funding our large new refrigeration unit. We arrived at a deal that was well priced and administratively easy to deal with, and even when there were supply chain issues, Alex was extremely helpful working to ensure the project was completed to everyone’s satisfaction without delay. We will have no hesitation in talking to Bluestone about future needs as they arise.”

Craig Waldron, Finance & Operations Director

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