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Factsheet Summary

Finance for your Renewables Projects

  • The benefits of renewables financing
  • Finance examples
  • How Bluestone can help

The Benefits of Renewables Finance

Retain capital in your business

By opting for renewables financing, businesses can preserve their capital for essential operations and strategic investments, allowing them to maintain financial flexibility and agility.

Spread cost and risk

Renewable financing enables businesses to distribute the costs of renewable energy projects over time, mitigating the financial burden associated with large upfront expenditures whilst simultaneously reducing exposure to potential risks.

Significant tax benefits

Embracing renewables financing can lead to significant tax advantages, as many areas offer tax incentives and credits for businesses adopting environmentally friendly initiatives, contributing not only to sustainable practices but also to bottom-line savings.

Finance Examples

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

  • Cash Cost: £2,041 + VAT (7KW Charger)
  • Monthly Lease Cost: £67 (3yr term)
  • Average Monthly Saving: £158 (versus petrol for 1,500 miles)
  • Cost Positive: Yes - £91 per month

LED Lighting

  • Cash Cost: £75,000 + VAT
  • Monthly Lease Cost: £2,440 (3yr term)
  • Average Monthly Saving: £2,681 (versus current electricity bill)
  • Cost Positive: Yes - £241 per month

Solar Panels

  • Cash Cost: £59,600 + VAT
  • Quartely Lease Cost: £2,745 (7yr term)
  • Average Quartely Saving: £3,008 (versus current electricity bill)
  • Cost Positive: Yes - £263 per month

How Bluestone can help?

Our team of finance experts has over 27 years of experience helping organisations secure the finance they need to support their organisation. We’ll work closely and collaborate with you to understand your specific financing requirements and provide you with a range of bespoke finance solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. With Bluestone as your finance partner, you can trust that we’ll support you throughout the entire process, from application to approval and beyond.

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