Finance for Gym Equipment: Leap Fit Studio

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Finance for Gym Equipment: Leap Fit Studio

Gym Equipment for Leap Fit Studio



Leap Fit is a fresh thinking fitness studio located in Dalston, East London. The studio is the ‘brain-child’ of Hackney based personal trainers, JJ Jegede (ex Team GB long jumper) and Amy Naomi. JJ and Amy recognised a common issue amongst traditional gym members who often lacked guidance on effective exercises to achieve their desired results. Their unique approach has already helped many individuals receive the correct structure for their fitness journeys, whilst juggling busy lives.

Their Requirements

To ensure they were continuing to provide their customers with the highest quality guidance and support, JJ and Amy wanted to offer their clients the highest quality equipment.

As such, Leap Fit decided to purchase 13 x Power Plates Rev Bikes but weren’t sure if they could afford all the bikes without putting a strain on their cashflow.

The Solution

Bluestone were introduced to JJ and Amy and provided several finance and leasing options which could help the business purchase all the bikes they wanted, when they wanted them, rather than having to stagger the purchase due to budget constraints.

Looking to the future, JJ and Amy plan on opening another studio within Greater London to expand their fitness vision to more of London’s fitness enthusiasts.

“Working with Bluestone enabled Leap Fit to equip our studio with all the bikes we wanted without having to stagger the purchase over a period of time to accommodate our cash budget. We also now understand Bluestone’s wider portfolio and are confident we’ll be using Bluestone again as we grow the business.”

J Jegede, Owner

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